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July 2024

Round 2 Model Kits: Wonderfest – All This Is Ready To Be Won…

posted by JamieH 7:36 PM
Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sci-fi and figure modelers everywhere are scrambling to finish their entries for the annual sci-fi modeling contest at Wonderfest and it is no different for us here at Round 2 Models. The show is being held May 26 & 27th in Lousiville, KY and we have our work cut out for us as we prepare. We won’t be entering the contest, but we are sponsoring a couple model contest awards this year and that is just the beginning of the fun!

We will issue special awards for the best use of a Round 2 brand model kit by an adult and another for the best use by a junior/teen. Any AMT, MPC or Polar Lights kit can qualify. We know you guys do a lot of kit bashing and modifying. To qualify, the use of our kit has to be easily recognizable.

On top of that, we will have our usual display of product, our annual modeling survey and have a special little giveaway. But wait, there’s more…

First test shots of our new 1:350 scale TOS U.S.S. Enterprise will be fresh off the press and we will be making two available to the public at the show. Members of the 1701 Club that attend the show can enter a drawing for one set. The second set will be available to anyone through the show’s silent auction. Take home an Enterprise before anyone else and support a great charity at the same time! But that’s not all…

Come to our presentation at 12 noon on Saturday to hear about the progress of the big E, be the first to hear about other new kits coming by the end of 2012 and find out how you can help us decide the next new kit we will put into development. That’s right, the crowd in attendance at our presentation will have an opportunity to help us decide what brand new kit will be added to our 2013 release list!

We look forward to seeing you there!

15 Responses to “Round 2 Model Kits: Wonderfest – All This Is Ready To Be Won…”

  1. ModelMan says:

    Lucky people will be very happy. Very cool! Jamie, will either 1701 test shot be on display and will they be unassembled to the winner or has either been put together?

  2. JamieH says:

    Both test shots will be unbuilt. We’ll have a finished and lit buildup on display unless something disastrous happens. We will also likely display a full set of kit parts on a display board.

  3. Fozzie says:

    I am making my first trip to Wonderfest this year and the Round 2 presentation is one of the biggest reasons. Can’t wait!

  4. Fraley1701 says:

    Jamie –
    Thank you for the wonderful news! I sure wish I could be there for all the excitement; sounds like it will be a lot of fun!

  5. edge10 says:

    So, will the drawing be held after the show or will you still have to be present to win? Tempted to come for a day… The six hour drive is a downer.

    • JamieH says:

      You must be at the show to be eligible, and ideally we would prefer to give it to the winner on the spot. If someone leaves the show early though, we will send it to them. The drawing is scheduled for mid-afternoon Sunday.

  6. Opus_Penguin says:

    Hey Jamie, any news on the photo etch for the kit and what it will include (as well as possible release date)?

    • JamieH says:

      The PE sheet is currently being worked on so I can’t give details at the moment. We are mainly concentrating on the grills in a few areas of the ship.

  7. Opus_Penguin says:

    Jamie, just saw the fan film clips of the prototype at Wonderfest and all I can say is OMG … IT IS FANTASTIC!!! This model is perfect as is, but to know you will be tweaking it even more is pure icing on the cake. I cannot wait until this model is offered for sale!! Great job guys!!!

  8. Zakuformer says:

    I was lucky enough to see the buildup in person and it looks absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Can’t wait to hear who won the drawing for the test shot, even if it’s not me, some lucky modeler is going to be very happy!!!

  9. jamesironwolf says:

    Got to see pictures of TOS 350 Enterprise on another site.
    It looks great. But i am wondering when you’re going to show it here.
    And tell us what if anything was announced at wonderfest.

    • JamieH says:

      Hi James-
      Sorry for the delay on my part. Prep for the show put me behind on a few things. So I’ve been playing catch-up. I’ll try and get something posted this week.

  10. Bats says:

    WoW! just saw the vids for the 1:350 Enterprise….awesome job! Sucks that I can’t afford one.:(

  11. jaws62666 says:

    When is the next Club update? also I heard rumors from Wonderfest that we might see this in Sept instead of Oct. Is that true?

    • JamieH says:

      The way things look right now, 1701 Club members should have their kits in September and the standard edition kit will be out in October. Not sure when the next Club update will be, but I hope to post a new blog today.

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