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1966 Batmobile Model Kit

posted by JamieH 8:00 AM
Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I’m sure you’ve heard of our plans to retool the classic 1/32 scale 1966 Batmobile model kit. We even went so far as having a mockup created to match the old kit. Well, our plans have changed…

This arrived on my desk recently. Can you guess what this means?

21 Responses to “1966 Batmobile Model Kit”

  1. Mach7 says:

    I see the Aurora logo on the chassis.

  2. Arronax says:

    You’re not going to retool because you just got an original Aurora kit you can reverse engineer?

    You’re going to include extra canopies in your kit?

    The box isn’t quite what you expected?

    It’s going to be another 12 months before we see the kit?

    (this is my favorite) The kit is done and you’re just waiting for the box art?

  3. JamieH says:

    The Aurora logo is there now, but it won’t be. Other than that…

  4. falcondesigns says:

    It’s on the dock and ready to ship!

  5. falcondesigns says:

    or you will be doing a brand new tool in 1/25 scale….

  6. crowe-t says:

    It’s ready to ship?!

  7. lostspacefan55 says:


    The original tooling exists and this kit will be from it. I’m assuming that the blog photo is confirming that.

    I had seen test shots on the internet of this kit from the original tooling that Monogram made from time to time, but the kit was never mass produced and marketed because of license issues. I think I have also heard that the whole Barris-owns-all-the-rights-to-the-original-Batmobile mess has been cleared up and now the rights are more open to license the car out, which is how Mattel got the rights to make the Hot Wheels version of the Batmobile.

    Anyway, GREAT news. AMT, Polar Lights, MPC, et al……you’re the best!

    I’ll take a case of these kits, please!

  8. JamieH says:


    Yes, the tooling exists and we now have it! The kit will be created from its original tooling. The only difference will be the removal of the Aurora name. The first test shot looks great with nice crisp detail. It looks much better than either of the copies of the vintage kit we have on hand. There are a couple things to be adjusted to eliminate a couple sink marks then we’ll be off to the races.

  9. Zakuformer says:

    Mmm… Batmobile yumminess… graaaaauuugghhh…

  10. BatToys says:

    It’s great that Tom Lowe went the extra mile to get us the original Aurora Batmobile molds. It will be a True Aurora kit.
    Just like 1966 again.

  11. docplastic says:

    I’m curious about on what terms you have the molds for the Batmobile. Have you leased them or have you purchased them outright?

    It’s great to see this classic kit back in a form that anyone can afford to buy and build.

  12. Aurora1Craig says:

    HOLY BAT MOBILE KIT!!, My memory of my original came back to me!! Any way you re-do the kit will be fine by me! Thank you Tom-round-2!!, Happy Halloscream!, Aurora1Craig

  13. BTTFSpencer says:

    Wow! I love how AMT, Polar Lights and MPC are connecting with people, I would NEVER have imagined!

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the reissue of the old aurora kit!

    I might get a couple to modify into different versions.

    -BTTFSpencer from youtube

  14. hippiefreek_98 says:

    Dudes, I think this is good that you’ve scored an original Aurora pressing of the kit. NOW, how about stop fooling around and give The People what they REALLY want! A 1/25 scale version of the ’66 Batmobile!! If youm had this in 1/25 scale it would be a major seller! Have you seen how many resin casters out there ARE producing the 1/25 version! 1/32 is nice but there’s a rather small bunch of real builder who do 1/32. And while your at it, how about a 1/25 Black Beauty? I’ll bet if you brought them out in a larger scale they’d be almost as popular as the Trek kits!

  15. JamieH says:

    hippiefreak- Open your eyes wide at page 7 of our new catalog

  16. hippiefreek_98 says:

    Ah Ha!!I see! It’s almost hidden in the bottom corner of the Batman page!! 1/25 scale!! Kudos!! One question, when do I pre-order it??!!! NOW about that 1/25 Black Beauty………..

  17. radioscooter says:

    Jamie (and Tom)

    Big props out for ALL these plastic releases of the Batmobile that you have planned.

    Many of us 1966 Batmobile modelers are as excited about redoing the old 1/32 Aurora as well as the holy grail of a plastic 1/25 version.


  18. futurabat1 says:

    Hello all. I’m another member of the batboard. I’ve been a fan of the polar lights kits for a while now (even during the Nascar Charger fiasco)and as a fan of the Batmobile and ALL movie/TV cars, I had to chime in.

    Over the years i’ve built many plastic and resin Batmobiles and each one of them, good or bad as they were left me cold in one way or another…and that includes this great old Aurora kit. Don’t get me wrong, I still have mine after 39 years (restored 4 times) and i’m just as nostalgic for this kit as anyone else.

    However I must implore you…where the 1/25th kit is concerned. PLEASE leave no stone unturned, take EVERY advantage of the research materials I know Mr. Lowe has and the wealth of knowledge on the net.

    I can’t speak for the entire Batfan community but I can tell you this. We can wait. It’s as simple as that. If it doesn’t see shelfspace for another year we’ll be happy as long as it’s accurate to the television series. Please, give us the Batmobile we’ve all been waiting forty years for and we’ll all rush to buy multiples of them I promise you!

  19. Servpro says:

    I have run across an original Batmobile scale model assembly kit from 1966 made by Aurora and it looks like all the original parts are included along with the instructions. Does anyone know it’s value or how to find out.

  20. futurabat1 says:

    Whenever I want to find approximate value for something like this I look it up on eBay.

  21. fortress says:

    Glad Round 2 re-released that baby, I saw that kit sell
    for $700.00 a few years ago, god only know what it would
    have sold for now.

    60’s TV show Batman’s Batcopter!!!! That would be killer!

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