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December 2023

Space: 1999 Model Kits: All New Hawk Mk IX

posted by JamieH 1:46 PM
Thursday, December 7, 2017

It has been no hidden fact that we have been considering other scales to use for our line of Space:1999 model kits. Kits in a new smaller scale will allow us to shoot for the same accuracy we always pursue, but let’s us bring kits to market at a lower price point. It allows our tooling consideration to go further. Instead of one big kit every couple of years, we can bring out a series of kits in the same scale just like we do with our line of 1:1000 Star Trek kits. So if 1/48 is too big to keep up the pace, what scale would be acceptable for these ships. This question was recently posed to a Space:1999 facebook group to get the answer straight form the consumer. The overwhelming favorite was 1/72 scale. At this scale an Eagle comes out to about 14 ½” long. Landing at 2 ½” longer than the old MPC kit, that should give us a enough room to work and get plenty of detail.

But, why do another Eagle right away when the last Space:1999 ship we created was an Eagle. So, we decided to take a step in this scale with a Hawk instead! By no fault of its own, our new 1/72 Hawk kit will land at about the same size as the old MPC/Airfix kit. But don’t worry. We are ignoring that old inaccurate kit and starting from scratch. Our new model will be as close as we can manage in injected styrene to match the original filming miniature.

So here for the first time, we are showing the progress on the kit thus far. We are shooting on a May release. So look for it at Wonderfest 2018.

(some higher res versions of these files will be posted to the Round 2 Models Facebook page.)


46 Responses to “Space: 1999 Model Kits: All New Hawk Mk IX”

  1. George Belknap says:

    That looks terrific. I still have a couple of the old MPC Hawks and this new kit is a tremendous leap forward in accuracy. Looking forward to this kit’s release.

  2. spock62 says:

    Saw this 1st on your Facebook page and wasn’t sure if it was 1/48 or 1/72 till I came to this blog, that’s how good the detailing looks. Thank you for coming out with a 1/72 line, the cash and/or display space challenged among us are very great full!

    Looking forward to other upcoming entries in the 1/72 Space 1999 line. I’m already picturing a fleet of Eagles/Hawks/etc…on my display shelves! Thanks Jamie & everyone at R2 for not forgetting us Sci-Fi guys.

  3. Karl Logan says:

    This is maybe the greatest news in Sci-Fi Modeling since….well, since the new tooling of the 1/48 Eagle! Specifically, I mean the decision to reduce the scale size of these kits and to FINALLY replace the old, horribly-inaccurate scale kits which we’ve all struggled mightily to improve and complete. Wow–actually listening to your customer base? What a concept?!?!
    The new Hawk is a smart and sincerely-appreciated contribution to a long-neglected subject that has been almost unobtainable for too many years. From a fan of the show, THANK YOU!!!!

  4. CLBrown says:

    I missed the old kit when it first came out… in fact, I never even saw one, and still haven’t. Yeah, I know you can find a few on Ebay, etc, but that’s not worth it for me.

    But… a true 1:72 Hawk (and Eagle, and etc,etc)? At a reasonable price point? I’ll get it, no doubt.

    By the way, I’m surprised I’m the first one to notice that this particular prototype seems to have suffered some “battle damage.” The starboard steering engine nozzle clearly was blasted off by some alien fiends.

    • JamieH says:

      Indeed. Lost in shipping. This kit will also come with a base. It will be handled much like we did with the Romulan Bird-of-Prey kit.

    • Brian Drumm says:

      If you are kit collector, the original MPC/Airfix Hawk may be desirable, but if you are a *builder,* this new version will certainly be much more accurate. I had the old Hawk as a kid, and even with very limited reference photos available “pre-internet,” several flaws could be easily spotted.

      Will wager this new kit will be worth the 40-year wait. A “studio scale” Hawk has been well down on my “long list” of potential projects. Most of it could be built from Saturn 1B and Saturn V kits, but would add up to a high cost and a lot of work, not to mention the problem of fabricating the beak. This kit will be much more my speed.

      • Dale Thelander says:

        The old MPC-Airfix Mk IX Hawk kit WAS accurate. It was made from Martin Bower’s small model made for “War Games,” not the large hero model.

  5. John Payne says:

    OMG, THANK YOU!!!!!

    I’ll take a case, I have kitbashing to do!

  6. Todd Morton says:

    Jamie, you’ve done it again! I now have to start a whole new scale collection, lol. It looks great so far, you’re really making a great many friends right now! Thank you and your team.


  7. Mark Belsom says:

    Looks like another sure winner from Round2.

  8. Tony says:


  9. Dale Thelander says:

    Thank you, Jamie. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Ad infinitum.

  10. Dean Dioguardi says:

    I’m so happy, I could cry 😊

  11. J.o says:

    You guys at Round 2 are THE business! I’ll probably buy a crate of these.

  12. Jim says:

    Disappointed it’s not 1/48th. Hope you will do one in that scale so we can build a set of constant scale models.

  13. Joseph Reboy says:

    I am way beyond excited for this! I really was hoping for some diversity from the 1999 line, which is rich with some amazing vehicles. I am not one of those “it has to be 1/48” people, and in fact I’m more likely to not be as intimidated by a 11/72nd scale Hawk. I’ve been off-and one working on the Eagle for over a year and stalled on the landing strut frames which are terribly fragile and hard to make come together. The Hawk, by comparison, looks like a four or five night delicious break form the world to just get lost in the coolness.

    On the other hand, i’d risk the potential insanity if, say an Ultraprobe model were ever produced…

    Seriously, though, this has helped to improve a very hard day at work for me! Thank you so much!

  14. Brian Drumm says:

    I always loved the “theme and variations” on the “beak” design in Space:1999 vehicles. The Eagle, Hawk, Swift and SuperSwift and even one of the laser tanks all had that basic consistency in command module design even though the miniatures were wonderfully different.

    This is a great choice for both subject and scale.

    If vehicles that appeared in only one episode are fair game, a set of three 1:72 scale laser tanks would be a fun build, sort of an armor/sci fi crossover. (One of these looked like a love child resulting from a tryst between an Eagle and a SHADO Mobile.)

  15. Kevin Bennett says:

    Thanks to everyone at Round2 for producing a new kit of the Hawk! It’s much appreciated. (I still have the old built-in-1976 MPC kit in my possession.) BTW, I had the good fortune to have my Eagle win “Kit of the Year” at a recent Vancouver IPMS chapter meeting (currently featured on the website landing page at and “Best Sci-Fi Model” at the recent Vancouver fall show. People seem to really enjoy seeing Brian Johnson’s brilliant design close up – thanks to Round2 for producing the Eagle in the large scale.

    • Todd Morton says:

      Kevin, that’s great news and a fantastic accomplishment. I checked it out and shared it in Space 1999 Props & Ships Facebook group. Job well done!


      • Kevin Bennett says:

        Hi Todd! Thank you very much for sharing the link (and updated image) on the Props and Ships page (although I’m likely the last person on the planet not to have a Facebook profile, I visit the P&S nearly everyday – your efforts are appreciated by this 1999 fan.) While here, I just wanted to send out a thank you to Oggie at Interstellar Modeler, who kindly sent me PDFs of his terrific decal files. Cheers, Kevin

  16. George Belknap says:

    I can’t stop looking at these pictures. The prototype looks amazing! Here’s hoping this is a big hit and that a new Eagle kit will soon be in the works.

    Well done Round 2!

  17. Michael says:

    Wonderful news! This is fantastic. Just what I’ve been waiting for to happen!

  18. Phil says:

    Now just redo the Eagle in 72nd to go with it.

  19. David J Christy says:

    Jamie –
    Finally bought your Excelsior and the Big Eagle and aluminum accessories. Hearing about the Hawk is awesome! I hope you will also consider a same scale revised Eagle. Just to make the collection complete.

    Still, looking forward to this and other kits when they come out.

    David in Tucson


  20. Dear Sirs, Yes! Thank You! I just now hurt the good new. About the new Space:1999 model kit of the Hawk. I had the old kit. In some ways I like it more then the Eagle kit. 2018 other great year thanks to guys at MPC/Round2. I just can’t way! Eagle’s ready to go, Melissa S. Holder

  21. Mike Adamson says:

    Looks very good, and with the anticipated sharpness of the final tooling, it should be a real delight. Can’t wait!

  22. Saucerman says:

    Brilliant news indeed – but why stop there? Here’s hoping that you guys get the Gerry Anderson bug proper and extend to UFO, Stingray,Fireball……..come on, you know it makes sense!

  23. J.o says:

    I really think UFO would be another good licence for R2 also. Many Space 1999 fans are UFO fans too and the vehicles from UFO such as the Shado mobiles, UFO’s, moonbase interceptors are still BIG and iconic with fans.

    • Brian Drumm says:

      I’ll second the UFO motion. UFO and 1999 were the only Anderson properties I was exposed to as a kid in the states. 1999 was my preference, but Fireball, Thunderbirds, etc. clearly have their followings. UFO and 1999 both seem a bit dated in today’s culture (I recall UFO astronauts lighting up a cigarettes on the moon base–Ugh!), but still…YES, I’d build an Interceptor and a Mobile in 1:72 or 1:48 (or both). The SkyDiver was interesting, too.

  24. Barnstormer says:


  25. crowe-t says:

    This looks great and the scale is a nice size! I’d like to see an Eagle in the 1/72 scale too. A 14-1/2 inch Eagle sounds great!

  26. Josh P says:

    Looks great. Can’t wait to get this one. ANYTHING Gerry Anderson related is welcome. With Aoshima re-releasing the Thunderbirds kits and the big Eagle and now this, its a great time to be a British Sci Fi modeler!

  27. Jeff says:

    Wonderful! Been wanting a Hawk for ages. I’m grateful that Round2 is out there fighting the good fight for us.

  28. Steve says:

    Was hoping an MPC/Round 2 Hawk would arrive in 1/48, but this will do for now!

  29. Nick says:

    Jamie, I’ll buy 10 of each – Hawk and Eagle. Simple as that! Anything I can do to help you make these faster? Make the coffees? Clean the office? Buy the pizzas?

  30. antonio says:

    i have bought 3 1/48 eagle’s by now, and i’m planning to buy 2 more during 2018, i’ll pass the 1/72 hawk in the hopes that you’ll get a bigger one.
    i’d enjoy the swift and super swift too… !/48 please 🙂

    • JamieH says:

      We hope to do a 1/48 Hawk one day, but it will will take a while. Swift is more likely to be kitted at 1/72 than in 1/48.

      • antonio says:

        thank you Jamie for your reply, I shall be waiting for the 1/48 version, on the swift i must say that it’s a shame :-).
        any chance of getting a lab pod version for the eagle ? additional thrusts too ? that would be great 🙂

        i’m planning to have a fleet of eagles 🙂

  31. Yves Savoie says:

    I was hoping for a 1/48th scale Hawk as well. I guess this smaller scale has a logic to it and will be appreciated by many fans as well. For more accuracy I hope that they will also include smaller and more accurate joints for those who want to use steel wires in order to produce a more accurate Mark IX Hawk.You can only achieve a certain precision with some molded parts as making them thin accurate would be either impossible or make certain parts too fragile. While we are at it will Round Two produce the 1/48th scale Eagle with Lab Pod. If not, would they at least offer a resin Lab Pod that the modeler could be able to fit on one of the existing Eale produced previously.

  32. Peter B says:

    I will get 2 of these and 2 of the 1/48 Hawks if/when you’re able to do them 🙂

    I’d love to see some 1/72 “guest ships” from Space:1999 too, though I realise those are more of a niche market so you’d have to test the market a bit first I’m sure.

    The Laser Tanks (maybe a 1/144 set of the 3) are particularly popular in Space:1999 fan circles.

  33. Josh says:

    I see these are starting to appear for preorder on Culttvman. Great price point. Can’t wait. Now I just need some tins of Humbrol orange for the accent colors!

  34. Edward S. says:

    Very pleased to hear about the hawk model. I will buy more than one as I would like to model it both in the original pre-film finished and the filmed finish. I would buy a 1/48 kit as well if you create that in the future. Look forward to the lab pod and boosters for the Eagle. What about the glider for the Eagle, and an Ultra Probe kit someday?

  35. Farley Miller says:

    Yes!! Mark IX Hawk!! This craft never got the attention it rightly deserved! I too was hoping for a 1/48 Scale to go with my Great Eagle collection and I’m not giving up hope. I’ll take the 1/72 but please bring a 1/48 version to market. And if you make accessories, they will sell!!! Thank you! Great work!

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