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Round 2 Models Kits: China Trip – Day 3

posted by JamieH 5:00 PM
Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day three has come and gone and I’m pretty tired. We finished our meetings with the folks at Heap Shing in the morning and we feel good that they will be able to improve on last year for us. At mid day, we were taken to one of our other manufacturing partners, Doallser. I had not met the kind folks from Heap Shing before but I had met the guys from Doallser several times back home. I was anxious to see their facilities and meet some of the customer service reps that we email with every day.

Since I’m really dragging, I’m just going to keep this one bit simpler with a few photos and some explanation about them. I saw quite a lot today and I just can’t cover it all. I’m tending to think I may decide to do a factory walk-through article and post it on our Round 2 Models kit website a bit later on with more detail.

…well, I just looked at my pics and it looks like my settings got shifted a bit in my camera and my images are pretty crappy… Ugh. The more I look through them, the more disappointed I am. Oh well. I’m posting a couple pics that turned out somewhat clear. I think everyone will find them kind of cool model kit and Forever Fun fans alike. More tomorrow…

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  1. ChrisW says:

    Jamie – I got the biggest kick out of the photo on the right – I can imagine all of the Charlie Browns murmuring to each other. “Hey! Watch it”, “OOOf!”, “Ooops, excuse me!”…

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