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June 2023

Coming off the Shelf – It’s Gonna Be A Big Rig Summer!

posted by ChuckZ 3:01 PM
Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Summer is here, and with it comes a BIG announcement. Two AMT big rig kits. That’s right, TWO big rig kits, are scheduled for release within a month! The Peterbilt Wrecker and Autocar DC-9964B Dump Truck!

First we have the Peterbilt Wrecker. Shot in white, the wrecker kit offers a custom body, 2 piece telescopic boom, bumper guard, hydraulic jack, tool chest, shovel, broom and more! Also included are colorful new decals and a reworked, vintage style package. Newly tooled tires were also thrown in—pad printed with Firestone lettering…thanks to the kats at AMT. When built, the Peterbilt wrecker measures out at almost 12 inches on the dot.

The second big rig inline to release soon is the Autocar DC-9964B Dump Truck. A close cousin to the Autocar A64B Semi Tractor, the dump truck is loaded with over 330 parts, including telescopic hoist, air cleaner, hydraulic pump assembly, an optional grille guard, “Gunite” spoke wheels, a Cummins 250 H.P. six-cylinder diesel engine, and more! To add to it, AMT has included an expanded decal sheet with colorful options and vintage style packaging. The dump truck also measures out at approximately 12 inches on the dot when built.

So keep a lookout for these two, hard-to-miss, big boys. Coming soon to a hobby dealer near you, or, online at:

15 Responses to “Coming off the Shelf – It’s Gonna Be A Big Rig Summer!”

  1. Brian Drumm says:

    This is great to see. I’m sure I already have more truck kits in stash than I can build the rest of my natural life, but I’ll probably want both of these. The Autocar Dump will certainly come first.

    I have model magazines pack-ratted from when I was a kid, and I think I remember some photos in one issue of this dump bed mounted on one of the Ertl “Blueprint Replica” International Harvester tractors. I recall that model had the “Clark Bros.” decals on it.

    Did any AMT trucks ever have steerable fronts like the Ertl kits? I recall the Mack DM600 and DM800 had steerables, but I understand those were originally MPC kits that have been re-issued under both the Ertl and Round2/AMT brands.

  2. Tim Ahlborn says:

    For Brian, only the MPC kits had the steering, AMT didn’t make a truck kit with working steering.

    • Ragtop Man says:

      Not hard to make the AMT steering work – hardest part is to make realistic (but sturdy) steering arms to mount the tie rod.

    • Brian Drumm says:

      Thanks. That’s what I thought.

      As a 8-9 year-old kid, I mistakenly thought the Mack DM600 and DM800 were original “Ertl Blueprint Replica” kits. I didn’t realize until many years later that they were re-issues originally from MPC.

      A great memory growing up was building the IH Transtars from Ertl with my Dad. Those kits were sold alongside Ertl die cast toys at IH, John Deere, and Massey displays at the Indiana State Fair.

      All those kits are difficult and expensive finds these days, unless Round 2 has plans…

  3. David says:

    Any idea when the AMT American LaFrance ladder truck will be reissued???

  4. Joshua says:

    When Round 2 acquired MPC model kits and the tooling were the Six Million Dollar man kits included in that? Any chance of those being released again?

  5. Joshua says:

    Jamie did Round 2 acquire the MPC Six Million Dollar Man model kits?

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s great to have both of these back on the shelves! Now it’s time to get the Kenworth Mixer back!

  7. Rick Chupa says:

    Glad to have both kits available! Have several projects to build out of these two plus it’s nice to have fresh decal options! How about the Kenworth Mixer guys!

  8. Joe Stains says:

    Wow! I can honestly say without any hesitation whatsoever, I have never seen anything quite like this!

    These kits are definitely on my ‘to buy’ list!

  9. Richard martin says:

    HI Jamie what star trek kits are coming next did you no the series space above and beyond from 1995 it would be nice to have kits from the series

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