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March 2023

AMT Model Kits: Star Trek kit reissues

posted by JamieH 2:55 PM
Thursday, October 26, 2017

Hi… It’s been awhile… Whatchyabeenupto?…

Really? That sounds cool! I can’t wait to see that…

Me, you ask? I am writing a series of postings to fill you in on just that. I’m sure you’ve heard about or seen some of it, but by the time this series is done (probably around Christmas time… which is never as far away as it seems) I’ll be filling you in on the new exciting kits we’ve started, but have not yet officially announced. So keep your eye on this space.

First, I’ll touch on the AMT Star Trek kit reissues we have coming out late this year and early next year. The first two were some of the latter releases by Round 2’s predecessor.

The Cardassian Galor-class has been out for just a little while now, and we haven’t really said much about it. The primary change to the kit is the installation of a metal rod to support the ship atop its existing Cardassian logo base. However, this wasn’t the only change we made on this kit. As it turned out the clear tooling for the kit turned up missing. As we retooled the clear part we decided to make a change to small pyramidal parts. We added pegs to them and punched holes in the hull to accept them. This provides a slightly easier path towards lighting the kit.

In addition to the kit itself, we also offer a full set of paneling/weathering decals as we do for some of our other kits. The decals are compatible with the original issue for anyone holding onto old copies.

Next, we have the Klingon Vor’cha Battle Cruiser. Like the Galor, the clear parts tool was lost and retooled though they are made to seamlessly replace the originals. And again, we added a metal support rod to be used with the original Klingon base. Both kits build great representations of these spacecraft. Proportions are accurate and each provides a great level of detail. Look for the Vor’cha in December.

The new year brings a re-issue of the AMT Enterprise Refit. It has been popular with modelers that like a medium-scale model that want something more substantial than our 1:1000 snap kit, but may not have the room for our big 1:350 scale kit. At 22” it is a great size. The kit will still feature the surface paneling detail. We priced out fixing that some time ago and found that we would essentially need to start tooling from scratch and opted to tool up the 1:1000 kit instead. We are adjusting the base to use the metal support tube with our larger dome base. The decal sheet will be upgraded from previous releases, but won’t include full Aztec decals since applying large decals over the paneled surface might prove to be problematic for some modelers. We have included strongback decals in soft blue that mimic the onscreen look of the ship.

36 Responses to “AMT Model Kits: Star Trek kit reissues”

  1. MattA says:

    I just completed one of the old 537 Refit kits (the Star Trek IV version). I does make out to a great size, though the paneling is… interesting. Were any corrections made to the kit (lower sensor dome, bridge, impulse engines, pylons, etc?)

    My grail kits are still a 1:1000 Enterprise-D and 1:350 Reliant, just FYI. Also, a 1:350 K’Tinga would be a welcome addition (what can I say, I like large kits!)

    • David E. says:

      As stated above, only one correction was made.
      The hole in the bottom of the kit has been changed to accommodate the steel rod that is part of Round2’s usual black hemisphere base.
      No other corrections have been made. Which is too bad really.
      The only “fix” I really would have wanted/needed is to have the nacelle pylons anchored (similar to what was done for the 1:1000 Refit kit) or reinforced so that the weight of the nacelles doesn’t cause the pylons to droop after just a few short years. All other “fixes” are cosmetic, and can be remedied with after market parts (or a lot of sanding). By the way, the sensor dome from the 1:537 Reliant kit fits just fine on the Enterprise (and is MUCH more accurate), and so does the Reliant bridge.

      Oh well.
      Looking forward to the Galor.

  2. Ron orr says:

    I look forward to that Klingon ship, know where I be spending my Christmas 💰 for sure

  3. Kenny says:

    I never had a chance to get the Galor kit when it was originally released by AMT / ERTL back in 1996. I look forward to picking up Round 2’s re-release.

    I’ve built the Vor’cha kit in the past. It is one of AMT / ERTL’s best Star Trek kits in terms of details and accuracy. The model is also quite easy to put together for a great build-up. Highly recommended to anyone who hasn’t had a chance to put one together!

    I’m happy that you’re actually re-releasing the AMT / ERTL 1:537 Enterprise refit kit. Too bad tooling costs prohibited Round 2 from making more significant changes with the model. It is arguably one of the “most challenging” Star Trek kit ever produced. With dedication, heart, and strong will, however, it can be made to be a decent representation of that starship!


  4. Don says:

    Sad. Was really hoping the paneling issue would be rectified on the E. Will def pick up the Vorcha though

  5. Nick Warawa says:

    Hi Jamie,

    This is great. I, as well as many other modellers on RPF, really appreciate you re-releasing and improving the Star Trek kits, as well as the ‘new’ Space 1999 line. Looking forward to any future releases.



  6. Jo says:

    Great to see all these brought back especially the Enterprise Refit. I’m glad the surface detail on the Refit hasn’t been redone as smooth as even though it’s inaccurate the surface detail is still very nice. Some of us prefer engraved panel lines etc to decals anyway.

    But Jamie why not reissue the Refit [and the others] in clear plastic?

  7. spock62 says:

    Welcome back Jamie! Looking forward to see what you guys have in the way of new tool sci-fi (besides the already announced Defiant) for 2018.

  8. George Belknap says:

    Glad to see some of the old AMT Trek its returning. Especially the Vor’cha. I ended up selling my version of the original release of that kit. Will be picking up the re-release. Still have my Galor, unbuilt. Now I can buy the aztek decals for that kit.

  9. Rio says:

    Great news on the Galor Klingon “wessels”!!!. Glad you’ve added the clear pieces to allow LEDs, the new rave.
    Not so great news on the 1/537 Refit E; I know it would cost a fortune to make a new mold 1/537 Refit since the molds have been “damaged” with that epic fail attempt on “panel detail”. However, there are many modelers I’ve met that were dreaming about having it re released.
    Thank you for the re release of these kits.
    I just wish you’d take into consideration releasing a 1/350 Daedalus, as seen on Sisko’s desktop. At 1/350 scale, it would be about 15 inches long, even knowing the scale on the studio miniature would be problematic.
    Happy Modeling!

  10. John f says:

    I love to see all the old kits coming back.

    like others have asked I too would like to know if there were any corrections made to the refit, the build up in the picture looks like the windows were corrected.

  11. David Dooley says:

    Will any of them have clear red, green or amber pieces?? I remember the Vorcha had clear red back when it first came out.

  12. J.o says:

    Jamie what about releasing the refit and even the others in all clear?

    • JamieH says:

      We’ve considered doing the Galor in clear.

      • J.o says:

        Thanks Jamie. That’s good to hear but I still hope you’ll do the others too. I’d also like to see the lights and sound Enterprise refit reissued one day too especially in clear. The ultimate edition of the kit.

        Plus I’d personally be in favor of including the Aztec decals as I don’t think there’d be much of a problem putting them on as the engraved lines are quite fine.

  13. Dave K says:

    I’ll be picking up a couple of those Galor decal sheets but I’ll skip the 1/537 re-pop. I’m still hoping on a 1/1000 Enterprise-D or a 1/350 Grissom…

  14. Carl Gonzalez says:

    Will the 1/537 kit come with the little Star Trek V shuttle? I know there’s a pic of it but I just want to confirm.
    I’d almost be tempted to buy the shuttle on its own… 🙂

  15. Kid Kyoto says:

    Any chance of the DS9 Runabout or the the TOS Shuttle returning?

  16. Brian Drumm says:

    I was beginning to wonder if the 22″ 1701 would ever re-appear. It’s an impressive-sized replica despite the “panel” travesty. (If only one could go back through the Guardian of Forever and erase that “improvement” from model history.)

    There reside in my spares box the majority of the parts from the original “smoothie” version. Unfortunately, those parts are salvage from a USS Reliant conversion attempt in the early ’80’s that never came together. (Remember trying to collect reference photos before the Internet or DVD/Blu-Ray frame grabs?) A future project for me may be hybrid-izing my smooth parts with parts from a new re-issue kit so I can achieve smooth-ness with a lot less filling.

    • J.o says:

      I know they’re not accurate to the Aztec pattern but I don’t think the lines are that bad. Considering it’s quite an old kit the panel lines are quite fine and the Aztec pattern can still be put on top of them.

  17. david dooley says:

    Has any one there at R2 thought of doing a build option for the Cardissan kit, like the option of a Galor or a Keldon class??

  18. Mike Paquette says:

    I finally get it. You’re afraid to kit another subject other than the ones already done.

    Why else would you re-release that piece of garbage especially since the 1/1000 and 1/350 scale kits exist?

    • Brian Drumm says:

      Seems a little harsh. Sure, I’d love it if they were like Bandai, releasing a dozen or more new Star Wars kits in the past year, but doing new model kit tooling is a big deal. Round2 does not do a lot of new kits, but the ones they’ve done have been top of the heap.

      I think reluctance to re-tool the refit Enterprise is understandable. It would be a huge expense to do, and would also probably cannibalize sales of the 1:350 kit. I’m no marketing genius, but that much seems clear to me.

      Others have posted requests for new kits here, so I’ll throw out mine. I’d like them to complete the Enterprise “A” thru “E” line in 1:1000 scale, starting with the TNG “D.” At their current pace, this might take a decade or more, but their last several kits have been worth the wait.

    • EjIMBo says:

      Mike Paquette: You’re not being forced to buy it. Apparently a lot of people wanted the kit released anyway. The fact that you’re one that doesn’t is irrelevant.Fortunately for those who DO want it, R2 was thoughtful enough to make it available.

  19. Paul says:

    I asked round2 a few years ago to reissue this kit with either totally new tooling or as a minimum at least produce it with some correcting parts like the impulse engine,clear deflector dish, lower planetary sensor part etc etc! the answer was NO!

    But now we end up with the old kit with all its inaccuracy’s like super sized docking ports, crooked saucer alignment “there is a big list” the only good thing about this reissue is the size of the model and new decals but that’s it.

    However it is good if you really like a challenge and almost completely redo the ship with DLM correction parts and fully light it up!

  20. Nick Notarangelo says:

    I am happy to see the old refit E make a return and I can live with the panel issue, My question is this when they modified the kit for lights the reamed open the holes for the pylons to go into the secondary hull to fit the wires, will that be fixed or is that something I need to correct myself?
    Since I built 40 of them for people I know her problems well and welcome building her again so thank you.

  21. Carlos says:

    I would like to see the USS Reliant made in 1/350 scale as well as the K-tinga.

  22. Ansel says:

    Looking forward to the 1:537 Enterprise refit. Had 3 of them, but the nacel pylons broke on them and I had to lose them. Hope you got that problem fixed.

  23. Drew Pooters says:

    Well, you realize there is just ONE kit out there, that could be made in 1/537th scale, that would cover the interim ST Movie to ST:TNG years – the Constellation Class four nacelled “Stargazer” that Picard commanded.

    Now THAT would be popular – the last bidding I saw on a vacuform kit of it went as high as 428.00. That shocked me.

    At least please consider it – thanks!

  24. Ansel says:

    Have they addressed the problem with the nacel pylons on the 1:537 scale Enterprise refit yet?

  25. same old same old i,m guessing…enterprise refit at this scale was always a problematic pain in the ass…getting the nacelles straight and level was the worst not to mention gaps in the saucer windows needing umpteen sanding,n filling sessions. however as iv,e been looking fer this for a while and iv,e no room for the 350th,s…why not.

  26. JayDog says:

    Is there a 1:537 scale model of the Enterprise B, C, D and E available anywhere?

  27. Robert says:

    I’m at a loss to understand why the 537 scale Enterprise was re-issued. I go to multiple hobby shows throughout the year, and the vendor room tables have plenty of the various previous boxing’s available for about $20 in most cases. They are available because nobody wants to deal with those absurd panel lines. It’s not like this had become a rare or hard to find kit.

    If you can find a smoothie boxing at a show, they go for about $200 – $350. Those are rare and hard to find.

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