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Coming off the Shelf – The Petty Race Team

posted by ChuckZ 9:28 AM
Monday, October 9, 2017

AMT is excited to announce that we’re bringing back another classic kit for all the stock car fans out there—the Richard Petty Race Team! Featuring two full kits packed into one box, this kit includes: a slant-bed transporter truck with loading ramps AND the Dodge Dart “Kit Car” Late Model Sportsman, offering everything a Petty fan could ask for in a model kit. Not to mention, we’ve also thrown in complete decal sets for each vehicle, and two extra stock car tires, which can be stored on the hauler.

So grab your glue and Petty Blue paint, cause this kit is racing into hobby stores near you, and online, in just a few short weeks!

6 Responses to “Coming off the Shelf – The Petty Race Team”

  1. David Dooley says:

    MPC and Polar Lights have both had a 1/25 scale kit of the mid ’70s Petty Charger, so will either of them be out again?? I already have the 1/16 scale kit with Petty markings.

    • Rick Chupa says:

      I agree that a 1/25 kit of Petty’s Charger would be welcome but the best kit to reissue would be a combination of the two kits, the chassis from the Polar Lights kit and the body from the MPC kit , the Polar Lights body was awful, and the MPC kit had the generic one size fits all chassis from the original stock car series. That said , as a straight reissue I would go with the MPC kit , as a finished shelf piece it does look good!

  2. Christopher Adamko says:

    Does anyone know what type of display cases can be used for the big rig models? IMEX used to make them but I think they are discontinued.

  3. spock62 says:

    What about NEW TOOL Trek/Space 1999/sci-fi??? Or is it just 30-40 yr old reissues (mostly car kits) with you guys now?

    • JamieH says:

      Sorry it has been so long since updating about new sci-fi kits. I’m back on the horse through the rest of the year. We have some exciting stuff to talk about. We’ve been busy. 😉

  4. Rick Chupa says:

    Nice to have this one back, lots of possibilities even though it is a fictional combination. Decal sheet looks great, too bad the drop shadow on the numbers is black, Petty drop shadows should be dark blue , all in all nice to have another chance at it without paying the stupid collector prices! Bet Lee is looking down still mad about the Ford hauler with the Dodge car!

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