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June 2021

Round 2 Models: Wonderfest 2015 Highlights

posted by JamieH 8:00 AM
Tuesday, June 30, 2015

So what else did we show besides the Eagle? How about the fact that we have “un-cancelled” the King Kong kit we showed a couple years ago? Circumstances changed and we were able to bring the kit out after all. Along with that, we also showed our Wicked Witch of the West kit that will be released in resin, but will have a few plastic parts. Both models got great reactions from the figure-modeling crowd.

Another pair of kits we showed will be coming in 2016 from our Lindberg brand. Some may or may not remember one of them, The Mad Maestro. He was a whacky kit that had one release back in 1965. He was a motorized figure kit. The effect was that of a vibrating bobble head. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get his motorized action to work under the deadline of the show. We’ll see what needs to be done to fine tune that aspect of him.

One of the most mysterious things we’ve uncovered in any of our tooling vaults is another motorized figure that uses the same kind of works as the Mad Maestro. The thing is, we can find no trace of the kit having ever been released. We don’t see it in old catalogs. We don’t know what it was called, so it is kind of difficult to research. We are actually asking anyone with any kind of information on him to let us know. In the meantime, we’re trying to figure out what to call him.

We have plenty more in the works than what we showed, but I’ve adopted a “don’t talk about anything before we have a mockup or test shot to show for it” policy. Hopefully, this will avoid the pain and anguish that we all feel when a kit doesn’t make it to production as previously announced. I will say that one kit we hope to get done by the end of the year is a Star Trek kit that we get quite a few requests for.

As in the past couple years, we sponsored an award in the model contest for the best use of a Round 2 model. We give two awards, one for and adult and one for a junior/teen. Take a look at our facebook gallery to see all of the models we found that used one of our kits (that we could figure out anyway…). This year’s winner for the adult category went to David Windham for his “Qo’Nos Oue Klingon Battle Cruiser”. The Junior/teen winner went to Alex Tabor for his diorama entitled “These are the Voyages” which featured a look at the behind the scenes filming of the 11’ studio model for Star Trek: The Original Series.

If you want more info on anything shown in the booth pics, just leave a comment and I’ll give more details.

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21 Responses to “Round 2 Models: Wonderfest 2015 Highlights”

  1. Edge says:

    Speculation abounds! Could it be a 1/1000 K’tinga? Only time will tell.

    Still, not so, patiently waiting for the 1/1000 Romulan Bird of Prey to hit the shelves…

  2. spock62 says:

    Looking forward to the 22″ Eagle, the prototype looks great. Glad to hear the TOS Shuttle is still in the pipeline. Regarding the Cut-Away USS Enterprise kit, besides the dome stand and updated decals, has anything else been done to the kit in order to make it more accurate?

    • JamieH says:

      We filled in the windows and put them on the decal sheet. We also added some “honeycomb” to the inside of the pylon to alleviate sagging. That’s about it really.

  3. Terry D. Moore says:

    Gentlemen: Keep them coming!!!

  4. Louis Armour says:

    So glad to see some of these kits back on track. (I’ve already reserved my KONG)
    I do hope R2 will re-release and correct the huge Japanese I-53 1/72 scale submarine. LINDBERG made an incredible and costly mistake in not doing the proper research on this most eagerly awaited model. The model received KUDOs for it’s size and engineering, but incredibly, was woefully inaccurate in shape and details, with a bow shape that did not match ANY Japanese sub and deck hatches that were 10-scale-feet in diameter! Looking at the talk boards, many sent the kit back once they saw it and others canceled as soon as the reviews were published. If you were to contact someone like DAVID MERRIMAN to correct the master pattern (Something I know he has already been working on) you would have a hit with both modelers and the RC sub crowd.

    • JamieH says:

      I’ve given the kit a look and even discussed it briefly with David (I think) at some point a while back. The changes seem costly. It is something to examine more closely and mull over.

  5. philofmars says:

    Isn’t there something named flypog swatter? is that what that purple dude is?

  6. Kevin says:

    Good stuff! You know I have to ask, What’s the Batman item next to the Flintmobile? The one with the suspiciously Corgi looking art? 😀

    • JamieH says:

      That’s a Batman Stock Car snap kit. We’ll also be offering a Joker Monster Truck snap kit as well. Both come with fun stickers featuring the characters.

  7. David Weimer says:

    Nice Display you guys have the same display last year with differnet models I do like the space 1999 22 inch
    model kit that’s coming soon. and more Star Trek models kits will be coming out soon like the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 cutway model that’s look cool and the Shuttle craft as well keep up the good work you guys I like to see more like the classic monsters collection look cool as well.

  8. David Weimer says:

    The Classic King Kong all the way dudes since I have the Blu-ray movie of King Kong classic.

  9. Neil S says:

    What are the things on the table (in the blister packs) with the Star Trek items that look like tiny starship kits?

    • JamieH says:

      Those are our Ships of the Line assortment of kits. Each package includes a pre-decorated 1:2500 scale snap kit with a display base and a collectible trading card featuring artwork from the Ships of the Line calendars.

  10. mark belsom says:

    I’ve noticed that some sites are offering the Excelsior kit for pre-order,is this going to be a totally new kit or the Enterprise B kit with extra parts to make the Excelsior.

    • JamieH says:

      It will borrow some of the tooling from the Enterprise-B kit. For the parts we are retooling, we’ll be making them more accurate than the old release of the Excelsior.

  11. spock62 says:

    Can you tell us what is the status of the U.S.S. Sulaco kit from Aliens? Are any other Alien related kits (Nostromo, Narcissus) planned?

  12. Paul says:

    Nice to see Kong and the Witch make a comeback.

    Is there any chance we might see the cancelled Thor kit released in resin instead of styrene?

  13. Dan says:

    With regard to the NX/NCC-2000 re issue. Is there any chance you folk can/will reissue the addition parts to convert this kit to the NCC-1701-B config. as sup/addition kit. You had stated in your release that you were correcting the accuracy of the original it should just be re stamp the diff pieces and add the diff decals. Heck Id pay an addition 30 to 40 dollars to get the additional parts to convert over the model… As the garage kits that made the old 1/1000
    1701-B accurate are no longer being made, Heck you folks have the license for the Prime universe. Why give the money away when most of the work have been done any you just have to re stamp?

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