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September 2023

Polar Lights Model Kits: Be Careful What You Wish For.

posted by JamieH 11:14 AM
Friday, January 20, 2012

I had just completed writing my congressman about SOPA when I received the following message to my last blog post…

Jamie – It’s been 6 weeks since there was anything new here. Can you tell us what you got for Christmas? Screen shot of your work desk? Throw us a bone, please!

I had just been saying I needed to do a new blog post. How could I deny a request like that? 6 weeks? I’ve got no excuses other than the usual… Just been busy. Can’t help that. Anyway, here I am now.

I’ll figure out something more substantial to write about soon but I’m going to fulfill that request with this post.

For Christmas, I mostly received books and movies. Generally through the year I don’t buy much for myself other than a monthly batch of comics so usually by Christmas I have to go through the painful process of determining my wish list. My wife and family usually do right by me. This year, I got the following Blurays- Sucker Punch (still don’t get what people don’t like about it. It has everything a 3 year old boy should be looking for in a flick), Inception, Limitless, Alien box set, The Matrix, Goodfellas, Independence Day (apparently the worst movie I personally enjoy) and 300. I got books by and about Syd Mead, Raymond Loewy, Andrew Loomis, Alien Vault, making of Blade Runner, 41 American illustrators, an overview of the top fashion illustrators, and a novel length comic named, Habibi. I got an awesome looking Gundam kit. I can’t remember his name but he’s got a Gatling gun and rocket pack. I’m sure there was much more.

You should see photos of my desk in its current state. I’ve thrown in some descriptions of what you see there. It is usually not as exciting as it might seem. I have a medium amount of clutter today. I’ve covered anything referring to the 1:350 TOS Enterprise to keep that between the 1701 Club members and me. Btw, The club is filling up. We have right around 200 spots left. Join now if you have been debating whether or not to dive in. You will see a copy of the MPC Incredible Hulk kit on my desk. If you happen to won a copy of the MPC Spider-man kit and happen to have the instructions for it. Let me know if you are interested in lending them to us for a little while in exchange for a few kits. That kit is hard to find. If you look close, you may find some clues or “bones” to upcoming product.

20 Responses to “Polar Lights Model Kits: Be Careful What You Wish For.”

  1. justinleighty says:

    Movie Klingon cruiser in the reference pile? Did I miss an announcement?

  2. JamieH says:

    It is there for reference. 🙂
    I can’t say exactly what for at the moment. Likely to be revealed at Wonderfest.

  3. Fraley1701 says:

    1:350 scale Katinga! 🙂

  4. crowe-t says:

    Nice Chair. 🙂

  5. Shabo451 says:

    Also curious about the STAR WARS box under the DS9 proof in the second picture. Some reworked mpc kits would be great to see.

  6. Hmmm….Ecto re-pop?

  7. HK_sends says:

    Well, a 1/350 scale K’Tinga cruiser would go nicely with the refit…
    I’ll take two! Or six 1/1000 versions!

  8. JamieH says:

    1:350 K’TINGA- As much as I’d like to… absolutely not right now. Sorry to say…

    Star Wars kits- Those were just a couple samples nabbed while some of our folks were digging through the archive.

  9. So that is to say you won’t be re-popping any SW kits?

  10. JamieH says:

    Nic- We have plenty of tools but we do not currently have the license to produce Star Wars kits.

  11. edge10 says:

    Aren’t we about due for a super secret 1701 Club update? 😀

  12. edge10 says:

    Oh and if you re-release the AMT K’tinga, please fix the forward pod/command bulb and bridge! That and adding parts for the disruptors would make the kit pretty darn sweet.

  13. JamieH says:

    Aren’t we about due for a super secret 1701 Club update?

    Yes. I’ve been trying to get to it for more than a week. This week is looking good.

  14. phicks says:

    Thanks for the update Jamie! A Ktinga in any scale will be very welcome.

    Any decisions about whether or not to include a new 1/2500 ship in the DS9 repop?

  15. Koozilla1968 says:

    Hey Guys,

    I have the spidy kit and would trade for a few kits….let me know if interested.


  16. Koozilla1968 says:

    ……the instructions for a few kits, I meant!


  17. HK_sends says:

    Like “edge10” said, even a re-release of the AMT K’Tinga with a fixed forward pod, command bulb and bridge (and some extra details) would be grand!

  18. HK_sends says:

    Like “edge10” said, even a re-release of the AMT K’Tinga with a fixed forward pod, command bulb and bridge (and some extra details) would be grand! I’d take four…no, three for a Wolf Pack!

  19. fortress says:

    I was about to add that a 1/350 scale K’Tinga would be
    a nice add-on with yout existing 1701 but I am sure
    that would wind up being a year or two away at least
    but as far as the AMT kit is concerned a re-release
    with some upgrades would not be a bad idea.

    But what really needs a make over is the AMT/Ertl 1701
    TMP U.S.S. Enterprise now that could be a interesting
    subject to work on, I mean just on the surface you have
    the primary Hull, the secondary Hull, The landing bay,
    the Warp nacelles, I mean you could really improve this
    baby like what was done with the 1/350 scale.

    Also the Original Galileo-7 HAS TO BE on your TO DO list
    it is so off and really could use a Round 2 makeover.
    I think allot of folks would agree with me on that one.

    Really liked the Star Trek Glow U.S.S. Enterprise would
    love to see that idea expanded maybe a Glow Romulan Bird
    of Prey or a Glow Kilgon Bird of prey. You can call it the
    Cloaked Series. How about that.

    and Finally if you have in mind to do a 1/350 scale Trek
    kit it has to be The U.S.S. Reliant! would go very well
    with the 1701-A.

    Oh and JamieH you have good taste in comic!

    Nuff Said!

  20. JamieH says:

    Fortress- We had taken a look at fixing up the AMT Refit before we tooled up the 1:1000 version. What we found was that we would have to retool it completely in order to fix the hull surface. we figured if we were going to tool up a Refit, that we should continue the 1:1000 scale line instead.

    Galileo is on my radar, but nothing is happening at the moment. Here is where I will plug our Wonderfest panel. If you want to have real input on what we are doing next, don’t miss attending.

    Glow BoP, huh? If you wanted a cloaked version, wouldn’t you just place the stand on a shelf and call it a day? 🙂

    More big 1:350 kits will only be considered once we see how well our new 1:350 TOS Enterprise does. If it performs well, we will consider more.

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