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December 2022

Model Kits: Countdown to Wonderfest T- 3

posted by JamieH 8:00 AM
Wednesday, May 13, 2009

jh-wf-blog8Wonderfest ’09… model kits in hand. See you there.

Vulcan Shuttle- This is another great collaboration piece with lot’s of spiffy goodness by Jim Small and JT Graphics. Jim has created two great buildups and done all of the groundwork of creating the decals of the Motion Picture version of the ship. JT did a great job turning out the prototype decals for us. In addition to the TMP version, we’ll be showing a preliminary concept of a Federation version. The Motion Picture version will show a few of the details we will be adjusting to make the ship more accurate to the filming model. Come to the show to find out a few more cool tidbits about the kit.

In addition to the Vulcan Shuttles, we’ll have our buildup of the classic AMT Spock vs the three-headed snake kit. It’s a great little kit that builds well and has the perfect amount of detail and retro kooky-ness. With this kit, Spock will live long and prosper… not so sure about the snakes though.

3 Responses to “Model Kits: Countdown to Wonderfest T- 3”

  1. eimb1999 says:

    And yes, it IS supposed to be pink! (Well, “Mauve” actually!)

  2. ignatz says:

    Will there be any tweaks or improvements to the kit parts, or will they be exactly like the original release?

  3. eimb1999 says:


    Yes, if the proposed tooling changes go through, there will be major improvements in accuracy to the kit in the most important areas. The warp engines (the black areas on the insides) have been improved to be more accurate and the shuttlecar docking points on both the underside of the car and the mating top of the sled will also be made more accurate to the original studio miniature as well as be more functional with a magnetic system included to attach the car to the sled and make it properly removable yet solidly attached.

    Also, I designed a complete set of panelling decals which will also be included, similar to what was done for the 1/350th Big “A”. See the prototypes I built at Wonderfest, hinted at in the above photo. The kit is now quite faithful to the original miniature, albeit about 1/3rd the size. If I could upload a picture to this blog (can you do that?), I’d prove it! I’m sure that the guys at Round 2 will post the pictures on the site soon to show off the improvements.

    Make sure you go to Wonderfest and visit the Round 2 booth to see the model(s) in person!

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