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I don’t want to get you too excited, but… we just received our first round of photos for the deco body samples last week – including the Jimmie Johnson and Mark Martin bodies! For “first round” samples, they’re looking pretty good. Take a peek. We have a meeting scheduled this week to do an official review and make any adjustments/tweaks to get the bodies looking accurate and sweet as candy. All parts development is just about “there” as well. Only a few minor adjustments left to make, and we’ll have one SNAPPY kit to offer all our great customers. After all, you’re the ones keeping us in business – so making you happy is our number one priority!

We’ve also received final proofs of the packaging from the factory for both Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr.. PLUS, we received a fully loaded sample of each racer’s box (with all parts and instruction sheets included) to analyze and make sure everything fits comfortably into the packaging (no damaged parts allowed here). Decals and stickers are close to being completed as well. With only a few minor tweaks left on the insert pieces of the box, I’m happy to say – we’re close to final approval for both the Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. packaging.

FYI: packaging for the Jimmie Johnson and Mark Martin kits have already been designed, approved by the licensors AND shipped off to our factory for production. We should be receiving proofs to review in the weeks ahead.

That’s all for now. Thanks again for all your support!