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Round 2 Models: China Trip – Day 1

posted by JamieH 12:38 PM
Wednesday, April 7, 2010

L to R- Eric Wong, Jamie Hood, Raymond Wong at Heap Shing/Signature Models factory, Dongguan, China

(Due to a lack of  access to facebook from China, these blogs will be partly for friends and family and partly informational for fans of our Round 2 Models kit product. I hope everyone finds something worthwhile in them.)

I’m sitting in my underwear (there goes worthwhile out the window) at 11:30 in the morning and I’m getting ready to go to bed… Well, it’s 11:30 a.m. at home but it’s almost midnight here. I’m not real tired and I’d blame my internal clock for that. I didn’t get much sleep on the plane some I’m running on about 4 hours sleep out of the last oh… 28 or so. I have faith in myself that I’ll fall right to sleep.

The trip has gone fine so far. I was blessed to have no one sit next directly next to me on the plane. I had a window seat which was nice. I can confirm two things, the polar ice cap is still there and someone deliberately created this world of ours. Nothing leaves me in awe more than flying over the mountains of Eastern Asia or seeing Cumulus clouds… from above. Amazing sites. My only disappointment was not having my camera on hand at the time.

I withstood the plane ride fairly well. The movies sucked so I read Crisis On Infinite Earths, a twelve issue series that forever (until a couple years ago) changed the DC comics universe. It is held in high regard by many comic fans. I had always remembered it very fondly as I had read it when it came out… in 1985. It is still the greatest comics crossover ever, imo. It was so epic and complex story-wise that I doubt another crossover can come close to it though many have and will try.

After landing (in Hong Kong), we met up with a couple gentlemen from one of the factories we do business with in China. They brought us to our hotel. The ride was nice. Hong Kong was foggy today and it was nearing dusk so it seemed overly grey. The city of Hong Kong (what I’ve seen thus far) reminds me of the Smoky Mountains, very green with low mountain tops and foggy. Imagine the Smokies with a major city nestled among them and that’ll get you close to what I saw.

The Goodview Hotel is very luxurious with pretty much all the bells and whistles. It is located near the factory we will visit tomorrow. We had a nice Chinese meal. Here, the meal is served as dishes one at a time until the table is full. We eat a bit of each dish as it arrives. I used chop sticks and managed not to embarrass myself. We had orange shrimp, BBQ pork, a dish very much like steak fajitas but without the wraps, another pork (I think) dish and shrimp fried rice. It was very good. The flavors are a bit more subtle than the take out we get.

Well, those are the highlights for today, hopefully, more tomorrow. Have a good lunch. I’m hitting the hay.