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July 2022

AMT Model kits: 1964 Dodge 330 Color Me Gone!

posted by ChrisP 4:50 PM
Thursday, January 5, 2017


Racing down the track this month from AMT is the 1/25 scale 1964 Dodge 330 Color Me Gone. A historic car in drag racing lore, the 1964 Dodge 330 Color Me GONE was built and driven by Chrysler transmission lab tech Roger Lindamood. Implanted with a 426 big block, the car could hit a 12 second quarter mile. AMT puts this kit on the starting line. It features white, clear and chrome parts with rubber tires. An illustrated instruction sheet assists assembly and a full color decal sheet rounds out the product.

  • 1/25 scale, skill 2, paint & cement required
  • Iconic drag racer
  • Authentic detail inside and out
  • Opening hood
  • White, chrome and clear parts
  • Goodyear drag slick rubber tires
  • Full-color Cartograf decals
  • SPECIAL FEATURE: Newly tooled Torq Thrust racing rims, stock steel rims, hubcaps, and multiple hood scoop options!

Get yours before it’s GONE!


***We’ve gotten reports that the boxes say “300” rather than “330”. We are aware of that and we will make a correction on future production runs.


2 Responses to “AMT Model kits: 1964 Dodge 330 Color Me Gone!”

  1. Glenn Marek says:

    How about taking this kit and producing a kit of the DODGE CHARGERS matching exhibition racers. They had white bodies with red sides and two blue stripes. The racers were sponsored by the Dodge Dealers Associations and driven by Jim Nelson and Jimmy Nix.

  2. Joseph Zrodlowski says:

    Why switch these kits from Lindberg to AMT? Round2 went to the trouble of acquiring Lindberg, heralded the return of the line, then guts it by transferring the more marketable releases to AMT. Ditto with Hawk. Speaking of which, how about re-releasing the Hawk HH-43B Huskie?

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