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March 2023

AMT’s Trojan Horse Mustang Funny Car Is Back!

posted by Ken Holewczynski 9:16 AM
Tuesday, May 3, 2016

trojan horse 1975 byron dragway #5

Larry Fullerton’s Trojan Horse funny car was always one of the favorites on the track and his Mustang II FC has been considered one of the most beautiful cars on the strip. When AMT originally issued the kit, the decals failed to capture the fantastic colors and his signature Trojan Horse mural accurately. Additionally, at the time, AMT also supplied the kit with unusually tall front tires that were not proportionally correct. With our Retro Deluxe re-issue coming out later this year, we’re correcting those details by supplying a more accurately-sized set of front tires, plus an all new and expanded decal sheet. We’ve also re-tooled the front and read body sections, and this time the front headlights are recessed to match the 1:1 car.

The decals now include the body side paint scheme (although you’ll still need to paint the rear body section to match), detailed front grille and rear taillight decals, additional sponsor marking to duplicate various versions of the car and a much improved trojan horse mural. Below is a printout of the new decal set, along with the kit’s body showing a little test-fitting of some of the body markings.


3 Responses to “AMT’s Trojan Horse Mustang Funny Car Is Back!”

  1. bill horton says:

    Thanks! Larry was one of my customers back then when I sold photographs at the track, including one of this car. I had built this pretty well as a teen and look forward to building it again; the decal sheet looks great. Did you remember the horsehead shaped windows on the firewall?

    • Ken says:

      Do you have any reference of the windows on the firewall? I saw this car at the ’74 Spring nationals in Columbus but I don’t recall that detail.

  2. David says:

    why did you guys have to go and change the web site, and would you please change it back?? It was easier to find somethings with the old set up.

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