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June 2018
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Round 2 Models: Wonderfest USA 2018 and K’t’inga update

posted by JamieH 12:40 PM
Friday, June 8, 2018

We had a wonderful time at Wonderfest USA last weekend. It is always great to see everyone and see the reaction to our new kits and news. Rather than posting a bunch of pics here and linking this post to our Facebook page, I’m going to do the opposite. I’ve posted two albums there. One of the show in general and the other specific to the K’t’inga. (click the colored underlined words to go to look at the pics)

Our biggest “NEWS” announcement of the show was that we have obtained the license to STAR TREK DISCOVERY. We realize opinions are very mixed on the show and the ship designs, but we feel that there needs to be product in the market for those for whom this will be their introduction to Star Trek. Our first kit will be a 1:2500 scale U.S.S. Discovery which will measure just short of 12″ long. It will include a few clear parts which is a feature our other 1:2500 scale kits lack. We were polling attendees to get feedback on what to do next.

  1. Which larger kit size would you prefer? 1:1000 OR 1:1400 (look at the poster to see the difference)
  2. After the 1:2500 scale U.S.S. Discovery, which would you rather see next? 1:1000/ 1:1400 U.S.S. Discovery OR 1:2500 U.S.S. Shenzhou and U.S.S. Enterprise (essentially, in 2019 we can either do a big Discovery next OR do the other two ships in the same scale as our first Discovery kit)
  3. Which ship design do you prefer? U.S.S. Shenzhou OR U.S.S Enterprise (Both have merit, but which should we do first?)

This seems to have caused no small amount of confusion with some people online interpreting this as us doing all three ships in all three scales. Oh well. these things happen these days. Here is a closer look at our board. Feel free to let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment.

71 Responses to “Round 2 Models: Wonderfest USA 2018 and K’t’inga update”

  1. Mark Belsom says:

    1/1000 would be nice for the Star Trek Discovery kits to match the others.

  2. david horvath says:

    1/1400 Scale is a nice size for display space and detail.

  3. George W Belknap says:

    1/1000 or 1/1400, that’s a tough one. 1/1400 would result in a slightly cheaper model but 1/1000 has already been established as PL’s smaller scale starships. If pressed I would say go for the 1/1000 scale kits.

  4. Gregory Watters says:

    1:1000 scale is great! The bigger, the better. Too much detail lost in the smaller scales, plus we old guys like the bigger models (easier to see!)

  5. Mike says:

    I’d prefer to see the Discovery in a medium size. Almost 30 inches seems a bit much.

    So my vote is for 1/1400 for both Discovery and Shenzhou.

  6. Darren says:

    I would love to see the Enterprise in either 1000 or 1400. My first preference would be at 1/1000 though. If you only do 2500 after the Discovery, my choice again would be Enterprise over the Shenzou.

  7. Mike Dudek says:

    1/1400 is really a ‘dead’ scale. While I realize it is significantly more expensive to do this in 1/1000, that is a better choice to fit with more of the current line. And likely future releases, too. How many other 1/1400 kits will there ever be?

    But my vote goes to all three in 1/2500 for now. If it goes well, then let’s see a bigger kit in 2020+.

  8. Marcus Stock says:

    Do all 3 in 1/1000.

  9. spock62 says:

    Glad to see you guys are doing Discovery kits, though my main interest is in the redesigned Enterprise for the most part. To answer your questions:

    1) 1:1000 or 1:1400: depends on cost. I wouldn’t have the cash (or display space) for a 1:1000 Discovery and even a 1:1400 is pushing it. So, since the Enterprise is what interests me the most, it comes down to cost. I’d love to see it in 1:1000, but not if it costs over $50.

    2) I’d rather see you do the other two ships in 1:2500, since your doing the Discovery in that scale. I’m assuming that if all goes well the ships can be done in either of the other two scales at a later date anyway.

    3) U.S.S. Enterprise, hands down.

  10. Herman Schol IV says:

    I love the idea of up scaling the original series starships, I would say if the new discovery USS Enterprise in 1/2500 is around 7 inches long Round 2 could reissue the other current 1/2500 ships in that new scaled size. Including clear parts lighting ships in that size would be awesome. You could do the same thing with the other scales listed for folks that want a bigger kit, but maybe without the 1/250 price tag.

  11. George W Belknap says:

    As to which kits to do after the 1/2500 Discovery, I would suggest doing the other 2 ships in 1/2500. The larger kits can come later. You can also gauge how well the bigger kits might sell by charting the sales of the 1/2500 kits.
    Now personally, I’d like to see the 1/2500 scale Enterprise after the Discovery. Just my opinion.

  12. alan says:

    It’s amazing that the length of the 2500 model is almost a foot, due to Discovery’s odd proportion. Personally I love larger size models, 18″ long plus (537 scale Refit, 1400 scale Enterprise D). However I also find great value in displaying models together in the same scale. I think you guys have done a lot of great work in the 1000 scale range and would make the most sense to continue that here. While the Shenzhou would be a great new model, I think a lot of people would jump at an all new 18″ Enterprise model from this era.

  13. I would love a 1/1000 of the Enterprise from Discovery. Don’t know what it is but that thing is a nice blending of styles. and 1/1000 is your size so it goes with other ships you make.
    Maybe good for kitbashing also.

  14. Anonymous says:

    So it seems by the info and scale in the photos that the Discovery version of the Enterprise is considerably bigger in length than the TOS version. Anyone have any info on how long she is in meters or feet?

    • Tchail says:

      If the 1/1000 kit would be 18.9 inches, that translates to 480.06 mm, making the size of the Discovery-E 480.06 meters.

      Given the accepted size of the TOS-E of 289 m, the Discovery Enterprise is approximately 66% bigger.

  15. James E Cook says:

    I like the 1/1000 scale, but will settle for 1/1400 if it comes to that. After the Discovery, I would take Shenzuo, then Enterprise.

  16. Andrew says:

    I am not a fan of the smaller ships. I won’t be interested in the 1:2500 at all. The 1:1000 would be my preference for all these kits. The Discovery’s length is deceptive simply because the nacelles are way too long, so it’s not as large as people might think. I’m excited to see the Discovery kits being produced by Round 2!

  17. mooslug says:

    I would value having all three new ships in the same scale – meaning 1/2500 all the way. The larger ships can come later, as others said.

    I can’t buy everything in large scale but anything 1/2500 is an insta-buy for me. Perhaps even some day down the line you could redo the Refit/A and Excelsior/B with the corrected lengths in 1/2500? People have argued for a long time that the accepted (but never “official” as I was surprised to learn) lengths of the A and Excelsior seemed too small. It would be great to be able to update the likely too-small A and B in my 1/2500 Enterprise lineage as well! 🙂

    1) I agree that 1/1400 is a dead scale. 1/1000 if you’re doing a big ship.
    2) 1/2500 Enterprise and Shenzhou please
    3) If this question is about the larger scale, I would say an Enterprise first, but wouldn’t say no to a Shenzhou either.

  18. BatToys says:

    I realize you won’t make Discovery in 1/350 scale but out of curiosity how big would that kit be? 85″?

    Otherwise 1/1000 because bigger is better.

    • JamieH says:

      Look at the math skills on you! It would be precisely 84.4″. That is longer than the Enterprise-E at that scale which would be 76.5″… oddly enough we still get requests for that…

  19. Roy says:

    First I have to ask for a scale recount. Focusing on the Enterprise in the scale poster and the bridge in particular, I see nothing that indicates a major size difference than the Enterprise from TOS. The proposed sizes don’t seem right. I don’t think the scales are correct. By everything I’ve seen, the Enterprise D is 2108 feet long converted to inches making it 25,296 inches. Making it 25,3 inch long in 1/1000 scale. I don’t see the Discovery being as big as the “D”. Just saying.

    All that said I would like them in 1/1000, along with the C, D, E.

    Thanks for listening.

  20. Mario says:

    Please make a big discovery!

  21. Richard says:

    1400 Enterprise for me….I’m glad your doing all 3.

  22. Brian B says:

    I would prefer the 1/1000 scale for the U.S.S Enterprise and the U.S.S. Shenzhou.(In that order.) I have less interest in the Discovery so it can be 1/2500000 or what ever.

  23. Fleetyard says:

    I hope for the 1/1400 scale. I would immediately buy the ships in 1/1400 because that is a nice size for details and to display it!

  24. Thomas Johnson says:

    None of the above. Aside from the 1/350 K’Tinga, Until the NCC-1701-D and NCC-1701-E are made in 1/1000, I have no interest in seeing Round 2 produce any other Trek kits.

  25. Spock says:

    I would want the ships in 1/1400, because I think that in 1/1000 they are too expensive and in 1/2500 they will have low details.

  26. Brando says:

    In the case of these ships 0/0 would be ideal. Not a fan!! Sorry. However, if forced to choose, 1/1000.

  27. David Paul says:

    I purchase nothing but your 1:350 scale ships . So spending $160 for a model and $130 for a lighting kit and weathering decals and so on while lighting them up to ohhhh and ahhhh people don’t bother me . I’m glad to see a verity of new star trek kits coming out . But bigger in my opinion is always better . If I could get all your models in 350 scale I would but I’ll have to say your previous 1:1000 scale was only 3 inches long ….. So I’m puzzled ???? . So if I’m going by the measurements your giving on your poster then I would only purchase the 1:1000 scale when offered.

  28. Holt says:

    I’d do all three in 1/2500 first just to see how they sell before I’d do anything bigger! Plus I would rather see three different ship models out then a small one and a big one of the same ship and to be honest Discovery doesn’t interest me enough to buy the bigger version of it either 1/1400 or 1/1000 but I would pick up the 1/2500 kits. So my vote is Discovery this year then Enterprise and Shenzou in 2019.

  29. Chris says:

    I would love them in 1/1000 or 1/1400. Especially the Enterprise and Shinzou. 1/1000 fits with most of R2’s kits for the TOS era and 1/1400 fits with the TNG ship scales and gives a nice sized model.

  30. Sean Kneeland says:

    Definitely want a 1/1000th Discovery! I’m a scale hound and want all my favorite “early” ships in the same scale! 🙂

    I would love to see the 1/2500 U.S.S. Shenzhou and U.S.S. Enterprise after the 1/2500 Discovery, THEN do a 1/1000 Discovery down the road!

    I definitely prefer the U.S.S. Shenzhou. The redesigned U.S.S Enterprise is nice, but considering some of the fan backlash over the design, I’d have to say do the Shenzhou first and get it out there. I believe even the anti-redesign people will eventually warm up to the new E-design after the Discovery and Shenzhou are out.

  31. BOB LITTLEPAGE says:

    None of the above. The designs don’t fit the period, and the sizes are completely out of whack for any pre-VOY period.

    How about a 1/1000 E-D instead?

  32. Daniel Broadway says:

    I vote 1:1000 for all large kit sizes. It goes well with the previous Polar Lights scales and the Excelsior. 1:1400 is just the odd man out. And I always like bigger kits. I’ll buy all 3 ships.

  33. Christian says:

    1400 discovery and shenzhou

  34. Griffworks says:

    I’d prefer 1/1000, Shenzhou, Enterprise, and Disco, in that order, please.

    Many thanks for asking us questions and listening to us, regardless.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Well, for consistency with the more recent PL stuff I’ve purchased, I’d much prefer 1/1000. I’d especially like to see the Discovery Enterprise in 1/1000!

  36. Ray Fontanilla says:

    1:2500 Enterprise, then 1:2500 Shinzu. Bigger ones later

    Thank you!

  37. Rocketfin says:

    I haven’t seen the new show yet but all those ships illustrated look cool. I prefer the larger models myself. Whichever one you do.

    While the classic Enterprise will always be the most popular (it’s an icon after all), I really liked the NX-01 class design. I always thought that ship looked more realistic than any of them, and these designs fit in with that style to me.

    I’m also hoping the 1:350 NX01 will be reissued again someday, I would like to build another one. (hint) 🙂

  38. Robert Taylor says:

    I’m pleased to see you’ve got the Discovery licence, it’ll be great to get the new “old” Trek produced in model form. As for my views:

    1. You’ve established 1:1000 as a recognised scale for Star Trek ships, please carry on!
    2. I would prefer to see both 1:2500 scale kits produced next to continue the theme. People may choose to buy one size version of Discovery over the other which could harm sales, 3 ships equals three revenue streams.
    3. It has to be the Enterprise/

    My only other hope is that your UK importer can get hold of these as well!

  39. Anonymous says:

    For the record, I’d buy them all in 1/1000 and likely won’t buy any in 1/2500. Just my preference.

  40. logan payne says:

    I really love your larger scale star trek kits. There very well done and im looking forward to the new 1/350 k’t’inga kit. As to discovery, no smaller than 1/1000. The bigger the better! It’s what you guys do best!

  41. Ronald Lambert says:

    I would like to see the 1:1000 Enterprise. In my opinion it is one of the best looking ships ever designed for Star Trek. Perfect blend of the classic design and the refit.

  42. Louis says:

    I would LOVE to have the USS Discovery and the USS Enterprise in 1/1000 scale to match my 1/1000 fleet.

  43. I would prefer 1:1000 size myself. 1:2500 is just to small. I’ve built mostly in 1:1400 but in the last 6 years I’ve moved to 1:1000 for the detail.

  44. Jin says:

    I would like to have 1/1400 because its a nice size and i have many other ships in this scale.

  45. Dave says:

    I’d like to see the discovery, Shenzhou and Enterprise in 1/1400 as I think they would fit better with the 1/1000 “fleet” at thats size.

  46. Ryan says:

    All in 1/2500 gets my vote. For the bigger scales, 1/1000 makes the most sense to me.

  47. Charly says:

    The new Polar Lights 1/1000 Defiant is only 5.9″ long and $25. I like larner models but how much is a 29.5″ Discovery??? Too expensive I think. I would vote for 1/1400 scale.

  48. Alejandro says:

    Definitely 1/1400! My whole model collection is in that scale. First the Shenzhou than Enterprise.

  49. Michael says:

    1/1400 1/1400 1/1400 1/1400 1/1400 1/1400 1/1400 1/1400 1/1400 1/1400 1/1400 1/1400 1/1400 1/1400 1/1400 1/1400 1/1400 1/1400 1/1400 1/1400 1/1400 1/1400 1/1400 1/1400

    Jamie said once that 1/1000 Ent D is NOT his next project. And there are all Federations ships in 1400 scale are available: even Revell/Monogramm, or AMT/ERTL/Roumd2/Platz or Nova, Starcrafts, Warp or whatever…


  50. Pete says:

    1/2500 –is fine. The ships are to damn big anyway. So the 2500 scale will work for me.

  51. david says:

    Jamie, has R2 added an interior to the runabout??
    Also I vote for 1/1000 scale as well.

  52. Tchail says:

    Please stick with the established 1/2500 and 1/1000 scales.

    Although I understand the economics of wanting to produce 1/1400 kits, I agree that this should be considered to be a “dead” scale.

    Please don’t give up on the Cadet Series scale kits – There’s still so many subjects that haven’t been done yet.

  53. Congo says:

    1/1000 Discovery and Enterprise makes the most business sense, Shen can come later. But whatever scale, don’t do snap kits, I have all the 1/1000 snaps currently and the 1/2500s, snap sucks, flat out.

  54. Justin says:

    I would love to see the 1/1000 of all three ships eventually, but since we’re limited I would go for the 1/2500 of the Shenzhou and Enterprise before scaling up. Anything to get a Shenzhou I love the look of that design – the Enterprise is the classic light to which all others are held, but how many variations can you have on the same theme (don’t hate me for the sacrilege!)

    I have to throw in another vote for a re-issue of the 1/350 NX-01 – missed that on the last go around would absolutely love to give it a shot!

  55. Karloski says:

    Echoing many above, 1:1000-scale kits are Polar Lights’ Star Trek standard; steady as she goes… Differing scales, particularly with MPC’s Star Wars line in the 70s and 80s drove me bonkers. Kudos to the current licensee keeping the preponderance of their kits in 1:72, and Polar Lights should keep to 1:1000. Thanks for soliciting our feedback!

  56. Kevin says:

    I would love to sea all three ships in 1/1400.

  57. Ricardo says:

    Please please 1/1400.

  58. Jack says:

    I would love to see a Enterprise in 1/1400. In my opinion a good scale for details and it fits to my other Star Trek models.

  59. Victor says:

    I’m looking forward to continue my 1/1400 fleet.

  60. John Hunter says:

    I’d like to see a 1/1000, Shenzhou, Enterprise, and Disco, in that order.

  61. Brian says:

    I would love to buy brand new model kits. I hope for the 1/1400 scale because the new Enterprise would fit with my other ERTL Enterprise-C, -D, and -E kits.

  62. Pascal says:

    I would buy them in 1/1400. Enterprise first please.

  63. Jason902 says:

    I am not a fan of the Discovery designs and I don’t plan on buying any of the Discovery kits, but if I did I would buy a 1/1400 Shenzhou, its the best looking ship in the show. Now what I would really like to see is a 1/1400 Nebula Class kit, I think it would be a very good seller as there are multiple versions of this class, half of the mold work is already done as you can reuse the Galaxy saucer and nacelles. I know there are garage kits available to build the Nebula, but they are pricey and very hard to find.

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